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Free Online CW Verification Service
Please enter a CW number below. This number can be found on a wallet card produced by the welder. The search will return the certification number, a name, and an expiration date for that individual.

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Note: AWS strongly suggests that the welder’s identity be verified with a government issued photo identification card, such as a driver’s license.
How to interpret the CW number
  • The first four digits of the CW number are the year and month of original certification. For example, 9603xxxW means that the Welder was certified in March of 1996.
  • The next three digits of the number are unique and the last letter of the CW number indicates that the certification is for a welder.

Guide to interpreting abbreviations on AWS Certified Welder cards

CAUTION: AWS QC7-93, AWS Standard for Certification AWS Certified Welders, section 10.1 and 10.2 states:
10.1 Cards.
AWS will issue a certification card to those qualified under this program.
10.2 Card Care.
Welders certified under this program shall maintain the card in good condition. The cards are the property of the AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY and shall be returned on demand. If the card becomes illegible, a new one must be requested. The welder shall, as soon as possible after it is discovered, report lost or stolen cards to the Q&C Department. Evidence of tampering with the card shall require return of the card to the Q&C Department for investigation. An investigation by the Q&C Committee may result in dismissal of the charges, suspension, revocation of certification, or renewal qualification, depending upon circumstances. The Committee will provide an explanation for its actions.

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